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2019 subscriptions are now due. Members will be sent a renewal invitation by email from the National website or by post.

Fees have been raised in line with the increase of fees due to National and are £15 for single members and £17 for joint members. For further information contact Jon Fairclough by email on

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Annual VTTA subscriptions for the year 2018 are now due. These remain the same as for 2017, so the amounts payable to renew through the Surrey/Sussex Group are:

Single members - £12.00
Couples - £14.00

The Subscription for Single members and Couples includes the fee for the Veteran magazine. Honorary Life Members receive it free and don't need to pay anything for their membership.

If you intend to gain a Standards Award this year a fee of £10 is payable before your first qualifying event.

Medals and plaques for those members who register for Standards Awards, and achieve at least one of their targets in the year, are awarded at our Annual Lunch, as well as the trophies won in our Group events. All members are invited to the lunch on Sunday 11th February 2018. Award and trophy winners are strongly encouraged to attend.

Out of the single and couple subscriptions, the Group only retains £2.00 to cover its administration costs for the year, with the rest being paid to National. We have kept our levy at £2.00 for many years now, although other Groups have raised their subscriptions. Whilst we are not applying an increase this year, any donations that you care to make will be gratefully received.

An online payment option is available, and I am pleased to report that last year 51% of members took it up. This method is secure, provides a direct record of who paid what into the Group’s bank account and avoids the risk of cheques going astray. I strongly encourage those who do use internet banking to use this option. For those of you who don’t, I request that you send cheques to me direct. We do not accept cash payments because of the extra administration they involve.

I hope that you will be continuing your VTTA membership through the Surrey/Sussex Group. Please note that any members not paying their subscriptions by 28th February 2018 will be deemed to have resigned.

Please contact Jon Fairclough for further details.

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2017 AGM

Please note that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will take place on Sunday November 19th at Handcross Parish Hall at 10.00am for 10.30 sharp.

If you have any items for the agenda please notify the Secretary, Esther Carpenter, by post or e.mail, by November 5th. It will be appreciated if you can attend this meeting.

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Tim will be writing out to members asking you to send in your claims for the various Group and National competitions. You can see the details on the National VTTA website.

Claims will probably need to be with Tim by the 27 October, but more details will be in his note.

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This was posted on the Time Trialling Forum:

Dear Riders

As those who were at the event today know, there was an accident involving rider number 9, Ray Dare of the Kingston Phoenix. He was apparently hit from behind by a car. We now know he died from his injuries at the scene. Other riders have spoken of him riding well and steadily before. As yet there are no further details but police, of course, are conducting a fatal accident investigation.

I am sure all riders will be as shocked as the officials were at this news. We were at least able to arrange for the wife of a club member to call in and be with his wife, Beryl, 90, just before the police arrived to give her the news.

Many thanks to the many of you who offered to help today after the first news first of the incident came in and for your understanding when we did not know the seriousness of what had happened.

I only meet Ray today: I told him I was privileged to have him riding in my event.

I will write to Beryl on behalf of all those involved in the event today expressing our shock and sympathy.

David Guy


Beryl has asked that no one contacts her by phone at the moment.

Ray was riding the F11/10 near Tring in the VTTA 10 event

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Tom Glandfield won the Aldershot Cup (greatest plus Surrey Sussex Group member in the ESCA 50) with a plus of 22 mins 42 secs. You can download a copy of the ESCA 50 result here

You can check the list of Trophy winners so far this season on the 2017 Competitions page

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The result of the Group 10 on Saturday 3 June saw the Stan Harvey Trophy & Medal (Highest Surrey/Sussex Veteran Plus on Standard) go to Peter Tadros (In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT) with a plus of 5 minutes and 12 seconds, while the Wilf How Trophy & Medals (Highest Surrey/Sussex Club Veteran Team of 3 on Standard) went to the Lewes Wanderers CC team of Nick Dwyer (+ 05:08) Peter Baker (+ 03:24) and Michael Valks (+ 02:29) with a total plus of 11 minutes and 1 second

You can download a copy of the result sheet here

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The Group 30 Championship is incorporated in the Lewes Wanderers event that was held on the 21 May 2017. Pete Tadros (In Gear Quickvit) did a 1:04:42, which gave him a plus of 16mins 27 Secs and he was the Group member with the greatest plus. The full result can be downloaded here

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Forty people attended the annual lunch and awards on February 12th, Jim Burgin was the guest speaker. There are photographs of David Shepherd and Mike O'Gorman

David Shepherd 2017 Lunch
David Shepherd and Jim Burgin

2017 Awards

The Group Trophies

Mike OGorman
Mike O'Gorman

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We are sad to report that Harry Featherstone died last week (4 January). Harry had been unwell for sometime. We will provide more information shortly.

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