Surrey Sussex Group VTTA



E H Strevens devised a set of Standards in tabular form, which provide individuals with an unending challenge, thereby providing motivation for continuous competition within the sport. A revised set of standrads was worked out for 2012 and adopted by the National VTTA. The Standard Tables are here (from the National VTTA web site).

The Standards, which are either times for set distances, or distances for set times begin at the age of 40 and become more generous with each passing year standards for women are similar to those for men but there is a phased shift to reflect physiological differences. More details are on the Standards page. All this may sound confusing but its operation is quite simple.

After you claim your first Standard Award, each subsequent year you need to achieve a greater plus.  This means that your times for the same distances may be slower in future but you can still acheive a greater plus than the previous year. 

The Standards are appropriate for virtually all riders. Elite, gifted competitors will set very high plusses and will need to keep on producing quality rides over their veteran careers in order to qualify for medals, whereas those with less ability will still be able to participate and have their own performances recognised.