Surrey Sussex Group VTTA

Registering for Standards

Before any member can make a claim for Standard medals he/she must first register with the Group Recorder. There are options available from making a single attempt at "beating standard" to having a season long campaign to "beat standard" at any distance.
Whatever strategy a rider decides registration must be completed before the attempt to beat standard is made.
There are registration fees to be paid. Typical fees are.

a) For a single attempt £10.00
b) For any number of attempts at a single distance or time throughout a season £10.00
c) For any number of attempts at any distance or time throughout the season £10.00

The most popular registration by members is c) but some riders who compete only at the shorter distances i.e.10 and 25 miles register as in b).

Members who don't want to ride for "Standards" but who want to enter the National Competitions, can download the appropriate form in Word word document or pdf file format from the Forms page (from the National VTTA web site).  When completed send the form and copies of the relevant result sheets to the Group Recorder. There is no entry fee for the National competitions.